Saturday, August 18, 2007

Time Flies...

What? I have a knitting blog? Oh, yeah...oops.
I've been crazy busy this month with store stuff and store blogging and trying to get my house into some kind of order. (I'm totally failing at that last one) So here are the latest kntting things I've finished:
Big Smooshy Scarf (store sample)
Brown Sheep Burlyspun Scarf
I made it with Brown Sheep Burlyspun. I love this picture so much that I ordered new business cards with it on them. They're gonna be all shiney and black with white lettering and a white border for the pic. Classy!

Fake Isle Hat from Nov. 2006 Magknits (another store sample)
Fake Isle
The top of this hat makes me all kinds of happy.
Fake Isle Top
I'm working on another one in the same colors but reversed with the blue as the main color and the black as the contrast.
Are you seeing a patten here? Yep, everything I'm knitting is a store sample. On the needles at home is a Kiri shawl in Misti Alpaca laceweight, and I'm thinking of starting another kiri in Crystal Palace Kid Merino just to show the difference a fuzzy yarn makes in how the lace looks.
Things are going great as far as the store goes. July was a little tight, but I managed to clear the rent, utilities, advertising, and cover the orders I placed. Whew! I was a little afraid going into August that things would fall apart because I have fall orders coming in, but so far so good for August as well. There will be a feature about the store in next month's free entertainment mag, and more people show up for Tuesday help class and Thursday SnB every week.
Today has been the best work day EVER at the store. I've had a steady stream of customers. I had a private learn to knit student, and two desperate for help knitters that I got back on track with their projects plus more shoppers who were all so positive about me being here.
One lady almost made me cry because she told me that she likes the shop so much, and that when she first came in she was afraid she wouldn't fit in with the Thursday night crowd, but then everyone was so nice to her and it didn't matter that they were different ages and backgrounds and how talking to the younger knitters who were "fearless" had really helped her find courage to try new stuff on her own. She said she grew up in the time when the attitude was you do things the "right way" or you don't do them and she'd been afraid to mess up. Now she knows it's only yarn, and if you mess up you can just rip it out and start over.