Thursday, June 28, 2007

Look, I Finished Something!

Project 365 - Photo #158
Originally uploaded by Elabeth.

The Vine Lace Baby Hat from Knitting Daily done with some Yarn Bee yarn from the stash. I'm going to make another one from some of the store yarn and another bigger one for Teresa's daughter Rebecca. This one was supposed to be for her, but that girl has a newscaster head (haha) so the age-appropriate size didn't fit her.
Things are going pretty good at the store. Yesterday I taught a lady how to spin and there is one interested in buying a wheel coming in on Saturday. Now that I have everything tagged, I get to spin and work on my own projects in the afternoons once I'm done putting stuff away and ordering new stuff in the mornings. If it ever quits being rainy I'll take the big triangle loom down there.
There are almost so many people coming to the class on Tuesday and the Stitch N Bitch on Thursday that I need more chairs. I have 8 chairs and the couch right now. They've been full this week. I will pick up some folding chairs when I get tables for the basement maybe this weekend.
I did a crazy thing yesterday and ordered myself a new bike. My old bike is a frankenbike assembled by my 2nd husband, and it's OK but it is really heavy and a one-speed. I priced out the parts to turn it into a three-speed and new rims etc. to make it how I want it, and it came out close enough to the cost of a new bike that I gave in to the temptation and ordered myself a Trek Drift 3-speed from Scott's Bike Shop. Scott is super nice on the phone and I didn't get any of the snooty bike shop attitude I've gotten at a couple of other shops when I asked about cruiser bikes.
For some reason the other shops around here are so focused on their competitive, "serious" bike customers that everyone else is talked down to and pretty much made to feel shitty for even asking. (I felt like I went into a fancy, snooty yarn store and asked if they had any Red Heart.) Even though the bikes I was asking about were good brand names which they carried, and they totally could have helped me if they'd wanted to, they just blew me off. My old bike is basicly a stripped down Haro, and I couldn't even take it in for a tune-up without being openly laughed at. pffffft!
I'm really glad to have found a bike shop without the elitist attitude and shit-talking staff. So that's my plug for Scott's Bike Shop. If you live in the area and need any bike stuff, go see him.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Steve gave up trying to fix the old computer after about 4 hours. haha
I went to Best Buy yesterday and got a new one from the clearance area. It's an Acer Aspire 4400 something or other, and so far so good. It has a nifty card reader thing so that I can more quickly dump my pictures into it. I plan to start back at project 365 today. I guess I could have been taking pictures all this past week or two without anywhere to dump them, but I didn't.
I'm really liking Ravelry. I think either tonight or tomorrow night I'll start to document the stash. That is going to take a while, because there is a lot of stash. I also want to take pictures of the yarn at the store that isn't already entered into the Ravelry database so that people can find it and know it's awesomeness. I might start that this afternoon if I finish tagging all the rest of the needles and hooks. My life is way exciting, huh?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blue Screen Of Death

My computer at home bit the dust last night. Sadly, it took the last couple of weeks worth of project 365 pics with it. ugh. I had downloaded them and then deleted them out of the camera to make room for more stuff. I intended to sort and upload them to flickr, but I've been all busy with other things and I put it off. Oh well. I will just start back up again once I get the computer situation sorted out. Steve thinks he may be able to recover some stuff this weekend, but I'm about ready to drag it out back and beat it to bits with a hammer.
In other news, The shop is pretty much all set up now. I got my fixtures for the needles today so that is what I've been doing in between breaks to mess with Ravelry and customers coming in. The customers so far have mostly been great. Once in a while there is an odd one who just came in to tell me they have no use for anything
I have here, which I find really weird, but other than that everything is swell. I'm pretty happy at the number of people who have expressed interest in spinning and in learning to spin. YAY!
Lately I've been knitting the sample things. I've got a One Skein Wonder on the needles in the Vickie Howell Craft yarn (organic cotton & milk fiber) and I'm about to bind off the big feather and fan Boku scarf (finally!) There will be pictures of both once this computer issue is straightened out.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hit Me Up

I finally got my Ravelry invitation yesterday, so if you're on there please let me know so I can friend you.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Thanks For The Flowers!

Thank You to whoever sent me the pretty flowers for the store's opening day! There was a message, but no signature.
So far so good :) I've had several customers in this morning and almost all the comments I've overheard were positive. The only negatives were about the stairs out front and stairs in general which I figured might be a problem for some people, but maybe I can get them to put in a railing out front or something.