Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The camera software is no longer lost :)
You'll never guess where I found it. The disk was in a drawer stuffed into the same envelope as my printer driver disk. When I finally gave up looking for it and decided to install my printer, there it was. duh.
OK, so on with the pictures!
This is pre-blocking so it looks a little wonky. I gave up trying to get good lighting so it's just thrown down on my kitchen floor under the sad fluorescent tubes:

The Glampyre City Shawl
I made this with some random chenille yarn I bought from ebay a looooong time ago. The only modifications made were that I used the different yarn and size 13 needles instead of the 15's the pattern calls for. I have enough of the pattern-selected yarn to make another, bigger one with 15's. I think I'll do that eventually.

Socks That Rock Yarn!!

It's sooooo purty...I wish I could dye yarn like this. The colors are just right without getting muddy and this yarn is super dooper soft too.

Sad News

Well, there won't be any pictures here for a little while. I got a new computer, and I guess the old laptop got jealous cause it promptly displayed the blue screen of death and went belly-up on me. I can't find the software disk for my camera, and it's not one of those that Windows just recognizes all by itself.
Thanksgiving was a little hectic and there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting or spinning going on around here this week. I think I'm in a slump. I just knit on neverending xmas gift scarves (I know I said I wasn't going to do that this year, but there was this cheap yarn and this easy pattern and well....yeah.) that I couldn't post pics of anyway for fear of being found out, and the neverending lacy baby blanket that you've all seen before. I'll admit that I can only do about four rows at a time on that thing lately, but damn I'm tired of it.
Pix of the finished City Shawl and the new Socks That Rock Yarn are trapped in the camera. I'm going to go on another search for the disk once Lost is over. Yes, I noticed the irony. haha

Monday, November 21, 2005

Look, Something Is Done

& I actually took a picture of it!
There is still that finished shawl lurking around here waiting for it's photo op, but I haven't been able to get decent light for it yet because it has been super cloudy here lately and the thing is black. I'm trying, honest.
So, instead of that you get to see the super Kittyville Hat I made for my friend Ms. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang for her birthday, which of course I'm gonna be like a week late with.

Same as the other one I made this year only with pink inside of the ears and pink in the pom-poms. Wheee!

PS: You may have noticed that this, too is black. Well, it fits under the light on my stove. That shawl is 6ft long and totally won't fit under the stove light. So there.

Monday, November 14, 2005


You guys suck! There have been over 30 visits to the blog today and only 4 people bothered to sign my Frappr Map.
I hate to threaten people, but if you guys don't step up and sign my map I might not show you my new Socks That Rock! yarn. You know you wanna see it.
I also have a finished City Shawl I could be motivated to take pictures of.
I'm just sayin.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sign My Frappr Map!

Check out our Frappr!
I've been seeing this thing all over the blogs lately, and the curiosity is just too much for me to take so click that link and Sign My Frappr Map!!

I'm still suffering from crazy startitis
I ordered and started a Glampyre City Shawl for no real reason the other night. Impulse buy... I had the perfect yarn already in the stash and it was like when you're in line at the grocery store and see that Snickers bar just sitting there saying "eat me!" so you have to get one even though you aren't even really hungry and you have a couple of apples right there in the cart you could totally eat in the car. yeah.
I have the ears and the pompoms left to go on the Kittyville Hat which has to be in the mail sometime this week.
I have about 6 more pattern repeats to go on the baby blanket which has to be done by Dec. 3rd when we go see the baby.
Did I mention I started a Clapotis on size 3 needles and teensy yarn? Well, if I didn't mention it then it doesn't exist right?
um...okay...Go sign my map so I can be distracted with that instead of starting new stuff. Help a girl out.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

There is nothing super exciting going on knitting wise around here. We've been trying to hurry up with all the yard work before it gets cold so I haven't had a ton of time to sit around on weekends. I've been building square foot garden blocks and trimming bushes and planting fall bulbs, defending them from squirrels...just all kinds of junk.
We did take a little train trip this past weekend which was an "employee activity" from my company, and therefore only $5 instead of the usual $35 a person so we totally had to go. I got to knit a bit on the train and while waiting around for the train to leave. I just worked on the ruffles scarf.
My big news is that I found a lacy shawl pattern I like. I found it at Hobby Lobby, of all places. Here it is:

Who knew they had cute patterns for cheap? Not me.
If you like this and there isn't a Hobby Lobby near you, or you can't stand the thought of being seen going in there (haha) you can get the pattern here. There are also a couple of other views there.