Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm Back!

OK, the Roller Derby is over. I just couldn't keep up with the hectic schedule and the drama. It pooped me out. I will just be a spectator. The good news is because I'm not skating all the time anymore I have time to get back to the knitting.
Saturday we went to Tulsa so that Steve could buy a new car. I hate standing around car lots so I dropped him off and went to Loops. I made it there like ten minutes before they were closing. I just wanted some Manos and to check to see if they had a couple of balls of Noro Kureyon #95 so I wouldn't have to resort to ebay. They didn't have the Noro color, but I got my skein of Manos and I also ended up with this great Zelda Grand bag from Offhand Designs. THIS is the very fabric I had coveted on their site, and it was sold out so you could have just totally knocked me over when I saw it in the store. I had to get it. No, really. It called out to me. I briefly considered something more sedate that might match more of my wardrobe, but that was stupid. I wanted THIS ONE. haha So I got it. That thing is totally cat-proof when it's closed up too. They've tried and failed. Muahahaha! Want to see it open?
Isn't that just spiffy? Words cannot express how much I love my crazy expensive knitting bag with the iron jaws of doom that go SNAP! That is the stupid feather and fan scarf I started with one ball of crazy pink and green Kureyon peeking out there. I foolishly talked myself into thinking there would be some miracle and one ball would make a whole scarf. For the record, no. One ball makes a little less than half a scarf. I got more off ebay. Oh well. Want to see it all unfolded?
Some lucky person gets that for X-mas if I can think of anyone who will enjoy an acid green and pink and yellow and brown semi-lacey scarf.
Also in the bag is the Summer In Kansas shawl. It still looks about the same only larger. I have eleventy billion repeats of the boring little leaf pattern to go before I get to the "thistle" part. I have managed to add some extra yarn overs a couple of times which have forced me to count stitches every four rows out of pure paranoia. That's what you get with lace. That's what I get anyway. It's all Paranoia and extra yarn-overs.

Steve did buy his dream car. He is like a little kid with a new bike. The dealer called him up on Monday and told him that he was sending him a gift to thank him for the purchase. Steve has been calling me every day from work to see if it came yet. He was hoping for a keychain or a hat or something. Today the mystery gift arrived. I think chocolate chip cookies are the standard car purchase thank-you gift. At least the tin looks cooler than the teddy bear picnic one they sent when I bought the Chevy. haha

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Knit In Public day

I knit in public at a bike rally. I also roller skated up and down the street several times, though not while knitting. I looked at lots of motorcycles and then it got hot, the charm was gone, so I went home. the end.

HAHA - that is all true. I'm still working on the blah leafy part of Summer In Kansas. That is about all I've been knitting lately. This blog sure does get boring in the summertime, but soon I will have some exciting squash to show you from the garden! I know you're all just waiting on the edge of your seats. whee!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Question For Store Owners

OK, so we are trying to make our plan for opening a store. Does anyone
out there in blogland have an opinion on what POS software is the
easiest to use with the best customer service etc? I've heard some
horror stories about POS systems people totally hate, but is there one
anyone likes or is it just a crapshoot? Fill me in! Also, Kristi in
New Jersey I know you work at a company that I think makes a POS
system. Can you send me some information about that? Kris in Canada,
what system do you guys use there at your store? My head is spinning.

Unfortunately that is all the spinning going on around here. haha
Still knitting that same section of Summer In Kansas. I think it goes
on forever.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Ohh Something NEW!

I'm currently knitting the Summer In Kansas Shawl from Two Old Bags. I love this pattern! This is the only lace shawl pattern I've ever seen that comes in a booklet with EVERY ROW written out. There is also a chart for after you get to a certain point where the chart will be easier to follow than written instructions, but for those of you who hate the charts yet want to do lacey stuff this pattern is a dream.

Pardon this picture. Unblocked lace always looks like ass.
I ordered the pattern and the laceweight yarn from Blackberry Ridge. That link goes straight to the pattern on their site. This yarn is awesome. It feels super springy yet strong like handspun. The label doesn't say whether it is or not, and I'm thinking probably it isn't because of that but it sure feels like it is. I love it. Can I say that enough? haha
Besides the shawl, I still have all the usual suspects on the needles. They are still mostly being neglected in favor of the shawl, some socks, and all my other hobby things. It's pretty much summer here. 90 degrees most every day. Sweaty. eww...not prime knitting weather at all. I need a big glass of iced tea and for someone to come install a pool in my backyard. please?