Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finished Baby Hats & Rambling About Stuff

Modified Baby Hat
Originally uploaded by Elabeth.

Little Devil Hat
Originally uploaded by Elabeth.

I made these two baby hats for my friend Billy's new boy John. The red one is supposed to have horns, but I thought it looked cute as-is. It's brand new baby sized.

The skully one is more toddler/preschooler size and uses a motif from the new Son Of Stitch N Bitch book. The adult-sized hat in the book is made with baby yarn, and the corrugated rib is on the matching mittens in the book not on the hat. I did my toddler-size hat with worsted weight yarn. The skull design is a 10 stitch repeat, so it's super easy to slap on just about anything. I may need a sweater with this as part of the yoke at some point.

I'm still working on the Sunrise Circle Jacket down at the store. I'm about 3/4 of the way up the back. It's pretty boring. At home I've started back to work on the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole which has been hibernating since it got too big to flip around eleventy million times per row. The being able to knit backwards stuff really kicks that thing's ass, I must say.

Yesterday was the first day I've had to keep on working with a migraine. It totally sucked. Especially the hour and a half where I could barely see and the other hour before the meds kicked in where it felt like my left eye was probably hanging out on a spindly stalk dripping down my cheek. (pretty!) After that I was pretty much just feeling stoned and like I might barf at any moment. Thank goodness nobody came in needing help on anything complicated.

I keep getting ideas for art projects, then getting side-tracked and forgetting them. I need to get one of the many empty sketchbooks I have and start using that sucker to write this stuff down.

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