Friday, January 25, 2008


Pile of Handpsun
Originally uploaded by Elabeth.

In back there is the yarn for the recently finished Handspun Hat made from a batt sent to me by Melissa and some top left over from Yarn School. The middle one is from two blobs of funky roving I got years ago at the Okiefiber retreat, did the singles at Yarn School, then finally got around to plying recently, and the front one is from a wonderful everything but the kitchen sink type bat I bought at Yarn School from Maisy Day Handspun.

Here is another one:

I made that one from some fiber of the month club stuff I collected over the past year. I got it all and never did anything with it, so I'm trying to spin it all up now.
Oh, and here is that handspun hat I finished. It's kinda poofy on the top, but I dig it.

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