Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sheep To Shawl 2009!

Yesterday I went to the local spinning guild's Sheep To Shawl competition in Prairie Grove at the battlefield park. This is my team. We were the first to finish our shawl/scarf, but ours was just plain tabby weave and everyone else did at least some kind of pickup stick pattern and used smaller warp yarn. Ours was worsted weight at 8dpi.

Left to right that's me, Dominique, Lynnell, Kate, Dominique's friend who's name I can't remember, and Jane. The picture is one that I stole from Kathleen's flickr cause I forgot my camera and only have a few crappy iphone pics of the day.

Each team showed up with a pre-warped loom. Each team got 8oz of pre-washed fleece, and got to work carding, spinning, and weaving our shawls/scarves. They had to be at least 10in wide and I thought 60in long but some of them didn't make it to the length. We didn't care cause it was mostly just for fun.

Here are pics of the other teams:

that's Kathleen there in the middle. I can't remember the names of the other ladies. I suck with names.

That's Cecelia in the middle. Again, I can't remember the other ladies' names.

This team was made up of people who just showed up hoping to be placed on a team who didn't really know eachother before then. 2nd from the left is Melly and 4th from the left is Anne. Those are the only two I know the names of. haha

Here is a pic of all 4 shawls at the end of the day

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