Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week Ending Recap - Craft or Bust Week 12

I had a decently productive week,  but I still feel like a slacker. Why is that?

I seem to be following my pattern of abandoning a top-down sweater just after the arms get separated and the boring body knitting starts. I only did about two repeats of the lace pattern on the Feb. Lady Sweater this week. Work was busy, but not without knitting time as evidenced by this over half-complete Citron Shawl.

Besides that, I managed to get some time in the basement to clean up the dye area from the last class I did down there and to dye myself 4 reasonably matchy-matchy skeins of sock yarn for the Featherweight Cardigan KAL that I'm having at the shop. I don't have photographic evidence of those, but they turned out pretty awesome. I used "gunmetal" Jacquard acid dye and dip-dyed them so one end of the skein is a dark, almost gunmetal type color which fades slowly to a nice light blue-grey on the other end.

I also got the heat press going and put these iron-on's from the lobby of hobbies on some t-shirts for the baby. They're super cute, but I don't know how long they'll last before they start to crack and peel off. I wasn't impressed with the quality of the materials. I guess if they do suck and come off before he outgrows the shirts I can always draw my own skull and make some more.

Speaking of drawing, I need to start doing that again. Maybe I'll actually start filling up one of those sketchbooks I have laying around here. Oh, shiny...over there!


velmalikevelvet said...

pretty damn productive for a slacker week, I gotta say.

is your citron done w/ handspun? purdy!

keep on craftin' not bustin', v

Elabeth said...

Thanks! It's not handspun. It's Regia Hand Dye Effect sock yarn. I probably should have said that up there. haha

Silver said...

I love that darn shawl, even if it isn't finished. ;)

Elabeth said...

It's STILL not finished. I got distracted by something else. haha