Monday, August 15, 2005

I knit a lot this weekend but I didn't finish anything. Maybe that's because I have way too much stuff going at once? Nahhhh couldn't be!

Socks - 2nd pink sock, 2nd geek sock, 2nd mom sock, 1st new green foresty sock
Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole - I'm two balls of yarn into it. Fixing to start ball #3. I hear it takes 10.
Ruffles Scarf - haha, I started it AGAIN and this one looks like I might actually finish it
Klaralund - Still haven't touched it lately
Scarves Left Over From Last Xmas - Irish Hiking Scarf and maybe a couple others
Branching Out - I might finish this tonight. It needs two or three more pattern repeats and then the bindoff stuff. I could do that.

I got another package from my SP5 Secret Pal. Two big balls of bulky red wool and some really cute buttons she made for me :) Thanks Pal! (I took a lot of pictures of that, knitting, cats, gnomes and my poor dying yard. I'll inflict those upon you later tonight.) I started packing up the Pal I'm spoiling's final gift box. She's so cute! I'm gonna miss being her SP at the end of this month. That reminds me, Secret Pal 6 is already taking signups so you should head on over there to get your name on the list if you want in on this go-round.

My Mother In Law is now all settled into the nursing home. The first room they put her in was horrible, but after Husband Boy yelled at some people they moved her to a good one with a nice roomie who watches the church channel 24 hours a day. That would make me want to poke my eyes out, but MIL loves that stuff so she's in hog heaven.
The next step is closing on the sale of the house, then moving the FIL over to the nursing home and having the estate sale. The way things look right now that will all be over in 2-3 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed the timeline works out because if it doesn't I think Husband Boy may have some kind of breakdown.

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