Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm Back!

OK, the Roller Derby is over. I just couldn't keep up with the hectic schedule and the drama. It pooped me out. I will just be a spectator. The good news is because I'm not skating all the time anymore I have time to get back to the knitting.
Saturday we went to Tulsa so that Steve could buy a new car. I hate standing around car lots so I dropped him off and went to Loops. I made it there like ten minutes before they were closing. I just wanted some Manos and to check to see if they had a couple of balls of Noro Kureyon #95 so I wouldn't have to resort to ebay. They didn't have the Noro color, but I got my skein of Manos and I also ended up with this great Zelda Grand bag from Offhand Designs. THIS is the very fabric I had coveted on their site, and it was sold out so you could have just totally knocked me over when I saw it in the store. I had to get it. No, really. It called out to me. I briefly considered something more sedate that might match more of my wardrobe, but that was stupid. I wanted THIS ONE. haha So I got it. That thing is totally cat-proof when it's closed up too. They've tried and failed. Muahahaha! Want to see it open?
Isn't that just spiffy? Words cannot express how much I love my crazy expensive knitting bag with the iron jaws of doom that go SNAP! That is the stupid feather and fan scarf I started with one ball of crazy pink and green Kureyon peeking out there. I foolishly talked myself into thinking there would be some miracle and one ball would make a whole scarf. For the record, no. One ball makes a little less than half a scarf. I got more off ebay. Oh well. Want to see it all unfolded?
Some lucky person gets that for X-mas if I can think of anyone who will enjoy an acid green and pink and yellow and brown semi-lacey scarf.
Also in the bag is the Summer In Kansas shawl. It still looks about the same only larger. I have eleventy billion repeats of the boring little leaf pattern to go before I get to the "thistle" part. I have managed to add some extra yarn overs a couple of times which have forced me to count stitches every four rows out of pure paranoia. That's what you get with lace. That's what I get anyway. It's all Paranoia and extra yarn-overs.

Steve did buy his dream car. He is like a little kid with a new bike. The dealer called him up on Monday and told him that he was sending him a gift to thank him for the purchase. Steve has been calling me every day from work to see if it came yet. He was hoping for a keychain or a hat or something. Today the mystery gift arrived. I think chocolate chip cookies are the standard car purchase thank-you gift. At least the tin looks cooler than the teddy bear picnic one they sent when I bought the Chevy. haha

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