Monday, June 05, 2006

Ohh Something NEW!

I'm currently knitting the Summer In Kansas Shawl from Two Old Bags. I love this pattern! This is the only lace shawl pattern I've ever seen that comes in a booklet with EVERY ROW written out. There is also a chart for after you get to a certain point where the chart will be easier to follow than written instructions, but for those of you who hate the charts yet want to do lacey stuff this pattern is a dream.

Pardon this picture. Unblocked lace always looks like ass.
I ordered the pattern and the laceweight yarn from Blackberry Ridge. That link goes straight to the pattern on their site. This yarn is awesome. It feels super springy yet strong like handspun. The label doesn't say whether it is or not, and I'm thinking probably it isn't because of that but it sure feels like it is. I love it. Can I say that enough? haha
Besides the shawl, I still have all the usual suspects on the needles. They are still mostly being neglected in favor of the shawl, some socks, and all my other hobby things. It's pretty much summer here. 90 degrees most every day. Sweaty. eww...not prime knitting weather at all. I need a big glass of iced tea and for someone to come install a pool in my backyard. please?

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