Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, it turns out the loom I bought is a Mira instead of a Fanny. No problem! They're really similar. This is what it looked like when we arrived to pick it up.


Most of the metal parts have a little rust on them, a lot of the nuts and bolts aren't original and dont really fit well, but I have the correct sizes written down from the manual so I can replace those easy peasy with a trip to the hardware store.
As for the loomy parts, the reed is pretty smushed up and rusty and so are all the headles. I'm replacing those, the aprons, (the warp beam has a sectional thing on it that I don't care to use at this point, and the apron on the cloth beam is pretty nasty + frail feeling) all the nylon cords, and I'm adding some beater bumpers.
I'll have another $500 in it before I'm done, but it still comes out at costing me less than half price of a new one. The wood is in pretty good condition - just a little scuffed up here and there.
Does anyone know how to tell how old it is by the serial number? Here's a shot of the sticker on the side:

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