Saturday, June 07, 2008


Did a whole month go by? Dang! I've been busy and stuff. haha
OK, first of all there hasn't been any weaving yet. I got the loom all set up except for the new aprons, but I've been kinda lazy about doing those mostly because I can't find my hammer. haha The class I'm taking is July 14-18 so I still have some time to take care of that, but I'm planning on doing it sometime next week.
I did finish this cute baby blanket last month:

It was knit on size 9 needles with two strands of Tofutsies. The pattern will be available soon on the SWTC site or you can email me for it. Keep an eye on my Ravelry designer page.
I've got a mesh "lace" scarf on the needes as a shop sample for Art Yarns Silk Rhapsody. I don't have a picture of that yet, but it's basicly just cast on an even number of stitches, knit one or more rows, then slip the first stitch, yo, k2tog to the end and purl the last stitch. Repeat that row till you're almost out of yarn then knit however many rows you did at the beginning and cast off. You can do fringe or beads or just leave it plain. It's super simple and boring but looks great with a fancy yarn. I think I'm gonna put some beads on the ends of mine. I haven't decided if they'll be all dangled on fringe or just sewn on the edge yet though. I guess if you wanted to get crazy with it you could string a bunch of beads on at the beginning then bring one up every once in a while when you do a YO. That might be pretty cool. Oh well. There's that.
I've also got some non-knitting stuff going on. I got myself a scooter:
The New Scooter

It's a 2008 Yamaha Vino 125, and I got a killer good deal on it because the new 2009 models were about to come out. I took a motorcycle safety class last weekend to help me learn to ride it without killing myself or others. That was pretty fun. I think in some of the things I had an advantage over the people on motorcycles because they had to shift and stuff, but in others I was at a disadvantage because the scooter doesn't have the clutch control a motorcycle does.
I've got a little over a hundred miles on the scooter so far and I've been riding it to work every day I can. It gets 70mpg, so we've only had to take it to the gas station once. Steve took it, and he said there were a lot of people asking questions about it. The thing will go almost 60mph. I've had it up to about 50 when not paying close attention to my speed. I should be able to ride it till at least October before it gets cold enough to make me want to lay off. haha
There is some gardening going on at my house too. You can check that out over at my flickr page.

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