Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey! I'm Still Alive!

Sorry I kinda fell off the face of the world there for a few months again. One of my new years resolution things is to get back to blogging about the weaving/spinning/knitting here again. I'm also going to document my stuff more on Ravelry (I'm elabeth over there) and on Weavolution (I figure I'll be elabeth there too) once it gets going.

So, what's been going on since July? haha Not a lot for a while there. Once I got home from weaving camp I warped up the Mira for a scarf. It's still only about 1/3 done, but it's coming along nicely since I figured out that I wanted it to all be the same colorway after trying a bunch of different combinations.

Tofutsies Scarf On The Mira Loom

That stuff they say about looms multiplying is totally true! Weaving isn't like knitting where you can just start something else cause you feel like it. Nope. You need a loom to start it on. I rationalized the need for a used Schacht table loom by telling myself it would be good for scarves and doing samples before starting big things on the floor loom. This is my first scarf project on that loom. It's some tweedy stuff from a Webs mill ends sale for warp and Wisdom Yarns Poems for the weft. The sett is 10epi I think. It's a point twill pattern.

I'm not beating it very hard because the warp yarn will poof up quite a bit when I wash it and I don't want it to end up all stiff. It's about half done at this point.

I also got a Schacht Cricket rigid heddle loom.  That one is technically a store sample though. haha Stringtown is now a Schacht dealer so I needed one out of the box and all put together to show people, right? This is my first scarf made on it using the yarn that comes in the box with the new loom. It's a basketweave pattern, which looks complicated but is super easy.

Basketweave Scarf

OK, that's all the weaving for now. I have been doing some knitting too, but mostly shop samples with a few hats and socks thrown in here and there. I need to finish something from ye old WIP pile one of these days. I'm mostly working on a Fish Hat from the winter Knitty for Ian and my long overdue Hat Attack hat right now.

Oh, and if you want to see pics of the shop samples or pics from October's Fayetteville Fiber Festival or Arkansas Knit & Spin Day at Mt. Magazine earlier this month, just check out my flickr photostream

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