Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter!
What am I doing??

I've been doing some scarf weaving (sorry, no pics of that yet) and planning of other weaving projects mostly.

Mostly store sample things. I'm a little over half done with a leaf lace shawl in Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton, a little over half done with a no-pattern triangle shawl in Plymouth Kudo, and just started a Claudia Handpainted French Scarf Kit. It's all about the shawls lately. haha I'll post pictures when those are finished.


Still sometimes working on that Babette Blanket. That thing is so boring...

Other Crafty Things

I just ordered a Yudu Screen Printing Machine. I've got all the supplies for traditional screen printing, but this thing is sort of a combination light table/exposure unit/dryer and the emulsion already on peel-away sheets looks super fast/easy/non-messy and very attractive to me since getting that stuff on there evenly without making a HUGE mess is the hard part of screen printing for me.
Here is a video showing how it works:

I'll post a review once mine gets here and I'll show you what I make with it :)

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