Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Finished Pots!

I was going to wait until I had some better pictures, but these pots are already in use and scattered around so I'll probably never take better ones than this. haha

They were all hand thrown on the wheel then glazed and fired to cone 10 in a soda kiln, which I did not get to watch because I was busy waiting around for the birth of my awesome grandbaby. (That's him on the right) His name is Arthur James. They are calling him AJ, and I am calling him Artie most of the time.

Here are the pots. I love them all, but some turned out a little better than others so I have some good ideas for next time. I also have about 75lbs of cone 5 and 6 clay here at the house just waiting to become stuff as soon as we get the outlet installed for the kiln in the garage. Meanwhile, I'm trying to focus on getting that back room cleaned up so that I can move some of the garage things in there and start getting ready for the yard sale I want to have in the spring. The big loom at the house will also live there along with all the other craft related stuff. It's gonna be a fun room.


Anonymous said...

OMG you're not old enough to be a Grand ma:)

He's handsome.

Elabeth said...

Yeah, I know. Artie's Dad (my son) is 17. His Mom is 19. I had my son when I was barely 20, so yeah. I'm 37 and a Grandma. Oh well. Life happens.

Laura said...

the pots are awesome: suggestion: make some coffee mugs with some knitting icons on them (etched in??) and sell them in the shop, in beautiful colors!

Silver said...

OMG. You do pottery now. ;D I adore pottery. Adore adore adore. I purchase it compulsively and use it near-exclusively, unless I'm feeling sleazylazy. (If all my pottery were dishwasher safe, the line between "exclusive use" and "almost exclusive use" would be eeeeven thinner...)

Elabeth said...

Yep. I took a class after years of buying other people's work and thinking about taking a class. I love it, and I can't wait for Spring to come so that it isn't so freezy in the garage and I can stand to work out there.

Silver said...

Met a really nice potter (makes REALLY NICE pottery, too — you can tell she teaches art ;)) at a craft show last month who foretold that I would start making pottery someday.

Maybe when I have a house. I already have a jewelry kiln I don't know where to put ... and a pottery kiln would be worse. ;)