Sunday, January 24, 2010

Craft Or Bust Update Weeks 2 & 3

  OK, so last week I was a slacker and didn't make an update post. During Week 2 I finished up this baby blanket for Artie and got my Ravelry projects page a little more organized. I also took more pictures of projects and added that progress bar over there on the right.  The blanket is about 24in. x 24in. and we use it mostly in the carseat, but he also likes to use it for naps. The pattern I started out with was the Ribbons Baby Blanket from Fibertrends, but I didn't follow it exactly. I almost never follow a pattern exactly. I don't know why that is.  Oh well, so anyway, there's that. I managed to knit every day on something not work related, which when you own a yarn store that is not an easy thing to do. I need store samples, and those things don't knit themselves. haha

This week I finished up  a Baby Surprise Sweater that was formerly a store model for a class I did last year. This was the "what the sweater looks like after you knit it, but before you sew it up" model, so all it needed was some shoulder seams and buttons. It looks super cute on Artie, but he wouldn't model it for me without making a stinker face so you get this shot of it laying out on the counter.

I had almost an entire skein of this yarn left after sewing up the sweater, so I made a quick beanie hat for my friend Jeff to take to the clients where he works at Logan County Day Services. He wants to collect enough hats that they can each have one by next winter. I think that's a totally do-able goal and I'm happy to help him out.

 Near the end of the week I decided to start a Shalom Cardigan with some Cascade Ecological Wool I got in a swap a few years ago. I have two giant skeins of this stuff, which should be enough for a long sleeved version. That got started on Friday night, then on Saturday I started ANOTHER one in Berocco Peruvia Quick down at the store because I saw one a customer made with that yarn, and it looked so awesome I couldn't quit thinking about it. haha So it looks like I'll have a vest type version and a long sleeved cardi version in two different yarns. Pics of those will come once they start looking photo-worthy. Right now both are just barely getting going.
I've also been looking at seed catalogs and drawing diagrams of garden possibilities. Next month it'll be seed starting time around here so I need to get going on that if I'm going to do more than stick a few tomato plants in the old Earthboxes.

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comradnic said...

awesome baby stuff!

i'm really excited to see what you do with the resin.

fyi: snb charms would be awesome. so would "knit and dye" ones :P