Thursday, February 04, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 4

This is a late, photoless update because I'm lame like that. During Week 4 again all I did was knit on things every day and add more unfinished projects to my Ravelry counter over there.

I guess I also did more research on the resin jewelry. I read enough to know that I won't be doing that until the weather is nice enough that I can mix it and pour it outside because it is super crazy stinky and full of chemicals that will singe off your nose hair. haha

Other crafts you'll eventually see me do are
Pottery - still waiting on a new outlet for the kiln in the garage.
Sewing - I have a new craft area I'm wanting to get set up and the sewing machine plus a place to cut things out will be a big part of that. I'm not particularly good at sewing, but I have a new-ish machine and I want to learn.
Weaving - I have no excuse for this one. I own two floor looms and two rigid heddle looms. They all work and everything.
Screen Printing - I have a Yudu machine, which is just a big exposure unit/dryer and frame to pull prints on all in one. I like it a lot, but haven't used it much. I need to print some shirts and bags for the yarn store, so I'll document that.
Yarn & Fiber Dyeing - I do this pretty regularly for the shop when I run out of handpainted roving and/or I feel like making some sock yarn. I can document that too. I'm currently out of roving.
Beading Jewelry - I have the stuff to make some necklaces just sitting there at the house doing nothing in a tackle box.
Block Printing - I have the stuff for this at home in a box too.
Painting - I have at least two canvases and some acrylic paint out in the garage. I had plans for it, but never got around to using it.
Needle Felting - I do this once in a while. It's very stress-relieving because the way you do it is to wad up wool then stab it over and over with special needles. I like the stabby stabby aspect.
Nuno Felting - There are supplies for this in the basement at the shop. I have the scarves dyed already, I just need to felt the wool on there and jazz them up a bit.

So now I've talked the talk. I'll try to do a less boring job of walking the crafty walk around here. There ya go.

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