Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sticker Making Fun

My new Silhouette SD die cutting machine got here this weekend, and it works just as advertised. I love this thing! It can cut out any .bmp file and any TrueType font you happen to have on your computer. No stupid, expensive cartridges to buy, and it'll cut without being on the computer if you save your image to an sd card then load it up before you go wherever it is you're going.

I made this yarn zombie sticker tonight in about ten minutes. It took a little tweaking to get it to cut out correctly because the first font I picked had too many small sections, but once I got it going it was no problem to cut out as many as I wanted one after another. The only complaint I have about the vinyl is that it will peel up on really thin sections if you don't get it rubbed down FIRMLY when you're applying the sticker.

They're saying that iron-on heat transfer material will be available in March. I can't wait to make some spiffy t-shirts and things with that. It'll be great for one or two of a design when burning a screen and dragging out the ink etc. would be too big a deal to bother with.

So, if you've been thinking of getting yourself a die cutter this is the one to get. YAY!

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