Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ahhh Much Better!

I feel way better today. Somehow I managed to not only finish the main hat portion, but actually pick up stitches and knit an earflap onto the Kittiville Hat while in my medicated haze yesterday afternoon. I didn't touch the sock for fear of screwing something up on it. I've just picked up the stitches on the sides of the heel and started the gusset decrease part...it's all gravy now right?
In between messing with this stuff over the weekend I also knit a big fat scarf out of Lion Brand Landscapes in the dark blueish color and Lambs Pride Worsted in something called peacock if I'm remembering correctly. I held them together, and it came out awesome. I'm planning on adding fringe tonight at SNB, and then you'll get a photo. It's nothing special, but I like it. I might do another with the same landscapes yarn held with something dark brown to see how that ends up looking.
Why am I not working on Klaralund you ask? I don't know...it's boring maybe? I WOULD like to wear it, but at this point I'm kind of sticking it in the WIP closet and hoping the knitting gnomes will take care of it for me.
Oh, speaking of the closet...one day last week I came home to see a trail of sagey green K1C2 Meringue from the closet, across the living room, and into the hall where I found the sad remnant of what once was a neatly wound center pull ball of the stuff that had been attached to that shawl I was knitting back in the summer. I was horrified, but luckily the shawl itself is still safe in it's ziplock baggie in the closet. Somehow the cat or cats (I suspect Bungee as he has been guilty of this type crime in the past.) had broken into the WIP closet, carefully climbed up on the mountain of suitcases I store in there, reached down into the knitting bag and extracted ONLY the ball of Meringue. Seriously..nothing else was disturbed at all.
I just gathered the tangled mess up and stuffed it back in the bag. I didn't have the stomach to untangle it just yet. Maybe the gnomes can take care of that while they're finishing up the Klaralund for me? More likely I'll just have to do it when the weather heats up and I feel like working on that shawl some more.
What will I do if they figure out how to break into the stash room? eek!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Your cats seem to be super smart to find your stash locked away in a closet.

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. You seem to be cruising along on Kittyville!

When the gnomes are done with your projects can you send them on over to my place? :) Thanks!

-Secret Pal

Elabeth said...

Nahhh! They aren't super smart. They've just very very sneaky.