Thursday, February 10, 2005

Last night I went to Hobby Lobby intending to get dowels to make 3 cd drop spindles with which to teach people at SNB how to spin this week. I ended up with materials for 6 wooden spindles instead. They had packages of 6 pre-cut 12 inch dowels for $1.49 and the wooden 2.75in wheels to fit on the dowels for $.99 each. A package of 6 little metal cup hooks was $.99, so for about $1.50 each once they are all polished up I have 6 really nice wooden drop spindles. They work great too. I already tried one out.
Did you people know that Hobby Lobby now has 100% merino wool yarn at $5.79 for a little over 200 yards? I thought I was hallucinating. They didn't have many colors just natural cream, black, brown, and a country blue, but it was up there on the tippy top shelf. I got 4 skeins of the natural color to play around dying.
I haven't been knitting much on anything this week, and I feel really really guilty about it ok? The experimental sock is now almost to the toe decrease part thanks to the two hours I spent at Ian's school band concert sitting on hard bleacher seats. I tried it on the other night, and the gusset part is kind of poofy so either I did something tragicly wrong or it is just stretched out from me mauling it for weeks. Hopefully it'll stop looking poofy when I wash it.
I tried to work on the kittyville hat last night, but I'm on the i-cord for the first earflap, and i-cord is really boring so I fell asleep instead. I just can't get motivated to do the ears and flaps and stuff. I will try to finish it by the weekend though because I'm going to see Julia (the hat's intended recipient) probably on Saturday.

I need a plan for finishing these things so here it is in order of finishing. I plan to just work on each thing in turn till it's done. Do we think I can do that?
#1 Kittyville hat
#2 The sock of doom
#3 Julia's Poncho
#4 Cheap-Fab
#5 Klaralund
#6 The Irish Hiking Scarf
#7 The seed stitch Noro Scarf
#8 That k1c2 shawl the cats almost killed
#9 I will start the Dr. Who scarf again and finish that thing this time.

Then and only then will I be free to start a new knitting thing.
I can spin anytime I want. So there.
I figure this will all take a while since I have gardening and yard things which will soon be taking up my weekends & after work till dark time. The smooshy Rowan Polar scarf and the Little Lola scarf are both getting frogged. It's just not working out...I'm not feelin the love, and I want to use the little lola yarn for socks. Um...socks that I won't knit till all that other junk is done...yeah.


Jenifer said...

Good luck! Those are a lot of projects! Hey -- what is that merino wool at Hobby Lobby? Sounds like a good deal ... Take care! Jenifer

Elabeth said...

The Hobby Lobby woold was Bernat Lana.