Sunday, February 06, 2005

Pictures & Spinning Goodness

My new chunky scarf:

Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Worsted + Lion Brand Landscapes = smooshy goodness!
Here is a close-up:

Isn't that just the deal?
Meanwhile, the sock is going right along. Ignore that weird twisted stitch cuff there. This is an experimental sock. That part of the experiment is stupid looking.


Ok, so yesterday was the spinning workshop thing. I was SO FUN, and I learned a lot too. I was the only student who showed up so we just went over all the stuff I wanted to know.
I got to use some hand carders and watch Jan put stuff through the drum carder. I can see why people would pay $300 for one of those things. The hand carders are a real arm workout.
I also got to learn to use a drop spindle. I had never used one before, and I've been meaning to learn for a while now. It's slower than the wheel, but I did have better control with that. Jan gave me a free cd drop spindle as part of the class, so now I can spin wherever I go.
I spun on the wheel for a while, and she helped me fix some of the frustrating little lumps I was getting. I think half my problem was trying to use the combed top right from the start. That stuff is more slippery than the carded fleece I was using in class. So, I bought 8 ounces of carded Jacob fleece to practice up with at the house. They sell it for just 60 cents an ounce so I couldn't resist that. By the time I get through it I should be ready to handle that combed top.
After I had enough singles on the bobbin, Jan showed me how to ply it to itself using the ball winder. Then we wound it on the niddy noddy, set the twist, and I had my first little skein of yarn! It's a little lumpy, and not enough to make anything at all, but I'm insanely proud of it. That is a pic of it up there.
I'm thinking about dying it with a pack of kool-aid and putting it in a little display thing with my first swatch of knitting. I'm so hokey.
I also learned about angle of twist and wraps per inch and all that techinacal stuff that you need to know to be able to duplicate your yarn. I was really excited to find out that once you've been through one of her classes, Jan lets you come back any time and take the class again for free so if I have any friends who want to take the class next time she offers it I get to go along for the ride.
Besides the fiber, I also bought an unfinished Ashford niddy noddy (for just $13.50!) and a 4oz skein of merino sock yarn that looks like undyed Koigu KPM even though it isn't.
They have a great selection of yarn and needles now. You local people really need to go check it out. The yarns they have are mostly solid color wool and wool/cotton blends. There was also a wool/flax blend yarn. I forget the brand names, but they were all at very reasonable prices. Their website isn't finished yet, but contact info and stuff can be found here.

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