Friday, July 22, 2005

This week has been BUSY...

Steve's Mom had her surgery on Monday, and they've already moved her to the rehab wing of the hospital. If you ask her she'll tell you she's doing horribly and in a lot of pain and stuff, but the doctors say she's doing really well for her age and considering her other conditions etc.
We've been working to get their house all cleaned up and sold and I've been working to make space here at our house for all of Steve's stuff he had been keeping over there. I have to make a place in the yarn room for his computers and in the patio room for his big ugly Soloflex machine and in the garage for all the mountaineering junk.
On top of all that I've had to be at work an hour early all week to fill in for someone who is on vacation...Oh, did I tell you the place I work isn't air conditioned and it's been 95-102 degrees F this week? It's an air conditioner factory. Ironic, yes?
Getting up just an hour earlier has been super hard to get used to. I'm finally feeling ok with it though and I think I'll try to continue to get up at the earlier time even after next week when the guy comes back. I'll use that time to walk on the treadmill and watch the news and stuff. That's my current plan anyway. If I do that maybe I'll be ready to climb mountains this time next year.
So due to all that there hasn't been a ton of knitting going on. I'm almost done with the first of the socks I'm making for my Mom and still working on the second pink sock. I'm 25% done with the Entrelac Stole. It looks like it could easily be a pillow cover or the front of a sweater at this point. I love it. It looks very impressive and is crazy super easy.
Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes and things. You guys are awesome. :)

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