Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm Not Dead Yet!

I've been so SICK the last few days. I spent a big portion of Christmas Day alternately sweating and shivering on the couch, and laying in the bathroom floor praying for death. Fever, vomit, etc etc. I don't even REMEMBER most of that day, then yesterday and today I just slept a lot. I'm still really weak and tired. So far this week off sucks rocks. Nothing is getting done around here, and that includes spinning or much knitting. I tried a little, but was too doped up on the flu medicine to work on anything more complicated than the old Dr. Who Scarf.
Lucky for me we did most of our gift opening on Christmas Eve.

That is my Niece Cassie opening her learn to crochet kit. I think she's excited. Her birthday is January 1st, so she gets her scarf then. My Mom was going to be at her house all weekend and promised to help her learn the basic stitches. She got the big bad Red Heart learner's permit yarn, some crochet hooks, and a book with some cute tween-ish patterns for things like arm warmers and trim for her pants and phone cozies and ponchos etc. I haven't heard if she's made anything yet or not since I've been insane the last couple days. I'll try to find out though.
I slept till 4PM today and I'm seriously thinking about going back to bed around 2AM, so hopefully I'll be up at a reasonable hour tomorrow and I'll have enough energy to maybe take some pictures of stuff or oh...leave the house for more than a quick run to the store for cough syrup. Wheee!

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