Friday, January 20, 2006

More Bitchin'
I've been pretty quiet this week here because well, I didn't have anything to talk about except my intense, seething hatred for Sew Crass / Sew Sleazy. I know that's not a fun thing to read about so I've just left the facts here in my previous post and added the big link to the Free To Stitch, Free To Bitch store there in the sidebar. Please go buy something if you're so inclined. Also, if you're a 43 things user, please add "Boycott Sew Fast Sew Easy Inc." to your list of things to do.
One good thing has come out of this whole mess. Someone invited me to join a new mailing list for SNB Group Organizers, and that is really cheering me up. It is giving me a bigger sense of community and some nifty ideas for things we can do in our local group. I'm really glad someone put this together.

More Stitchin'
Enough of that stuff. What's going on with the knitting?
Well...I seriously think this is the weekend I finish that damn horseshoe lace baby blanket. I've got about ten more rows of garter stitch and then some cute scallop crochet edging to apply to two sides and I'm DONE. I've been just trying to focus on the blanket all week and it has totally paid off. Next week I get to finish the Noro Charlotte's Web Shawl if I'm lucky.

No, I am not participating in the Knitting Olympics. You guys go though! Have fun! I just have too many already started things I need to be working on. I can't be starting something else just now. Besides, I really hate the Winter Olympics. The skating just hasn't been the same since there is no longer the threat of anyone getting bashed in the knee by a redneck with a baseball bat. I'm joining this instead:


My plans for this weekend include finishing that blanket, dying some yarn in my old crock-pot, (Don't worry, I have a new one for food) and doing my section of The Knitting. If you'd like to work on The Knitting too, just send an email to destructionsmistress (at) and she'll add you to the list.

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