Saturday, July 01, 2006

Spinning Disaster

I'm kind of grumpy right now. I just had to weight down my first skien. This has never happened before! I've always ended up with decently balanced yarn. Even my very first skien was totally fine. ugh.
What happened was that I plied some singles I had spun back in April that had been sitting on the bobbin for almost three months with some singles I had spun within the last month, mostly the second batch was done Thursday and today. I thought if i made it just the tiniest bit overspun, when it hit the water and the energy came back to the singles that had been sitting around since April, all would even out and I'd get a balanced yarn.
I was afraid I'd put TOO MUCH plying twist so I just barely made it so it had a full Z-turn when the skein came off the niddy noddy. Into the bath it went, and when it came out HOLY CRAP! It was totally curly and messed up. I snapped it a few times, and most of the curls fell out, but it was still pretty UNDER-PLIED. It curls up and has almost 2 full S-turns going on. DAMN! I weighted it with a coathanger full of wet beach towel and left it in the bathroom.
I guess maybe after it dries I could wind it into a center-pull ball and then run it through the wheel again adding more z-twist, wet it again and see what happens? I don't know if I have the energy for that. I'm so disappointed. Maybe I'll just use it for something like a hat that will be all stretched out anyway and that it won't matter if it biases like crazy. feh.
I know, I'll distract you.

Hey! Look at this baby watermelon! It'll be big and get eaten in a few weeks if all goes well. YUM. Watermelon!

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