Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm So Gonna Die

So, exactly how bad for me is it if I get a lungfull of powdered Jacquard dye? Cause I kinda did yesterday. There was a leak in the seal of one of the jars, and when I opened the package the powder floofed out at me and I dropped it, which made it floof out some more and I did one of those shocked gasp things so I inhaled what felt like enough to probably give me ten kinds of cancer or mutant genes or whatever it is one gets from inhaling dye powder.
I managed to clean everything up and scoop up the loose powder in the bag with a spoon so I didn't lose much. So far all I have is a scratchy back of the throat area. No exoticly colored mucus or anything, so I figure I'm probably not much worse off than when I worked in the plastic factory where I was forced to breathe in PVC and Polystyrene fumes all day long, right?

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