Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Spinning Stuff

The new spinning wheel is working out soooo nicely! I love the crap
out of that thing so far. I made my smallest, most consistant yarn
ever. It only has a few weird poofy places in the whole 220 yard
skein. I can't remeber if I already told you guys what happened with
the stain/tung oil finish. It stunk. It literally smelled bad even
after a week on the niddy noddy. I didn't want to have to wait another
week for the smell to go away. I'm totally impatient, so on Saturday I
just sanded the wheel and put on a couple of coats of low-stink clear
polyeurethane. It turned out really pretty, and I was able to use it
on Sunday. All future wheels will be purchased completely finished. I
am soooo not much of a woodworker.
I also recently purchased 15 pounds of white roving and a bunch of
Jacquard Dyes.
I'm sure you'll get to see the results of that later this month.
Oh, have you guys seen this thing?
It's a "squirrel cage swift". You put the skien on there, clamp your
ball winder to the top rail, and crank away. It takes up much less
room while in use than a regular swift, and it's just totally spiffy
looking. I think I need to get one since my current vintage crazy
metal swift seems to be pooping out. (I think I stripped the screw
thingie the wingnut tightens down on...oops.) I'll totally haul it
down to Sweet Bay on Thursdays for knitting too. The people there
already think we're nuts with the spinning wheels. What's one more
weird contraption?

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