Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Doomed To Never Finish Anything

I think I've fallen into a knitting/spinning/weaving/dyeing black hole.
I'm just not finishing ANYTHING lately. I started a dishcloth because I thought I could at least finish that, but it turns out that no. No, I can't. I'm about half done and it refused to grow another inch so I threw it in the closet.
I started spinning the second bobbin of singles for a two-ply yarn that I dyed the wool for over a year ago thinking I could finish that, but the wool (dyed combed top) is lifeless and sort of a pain in the butt to work with so that is no fun. It actually SQUEAKS as it drafts and it has no sproing left in it anywhere. I don't know what is up with that, but it makes for some crappy singles and I'm thinking I
might need to ditch the whole 8oz. and start over with something nicer.
The Summer In Kansas Shawl has gotten to the point where I can knit for a couple of hours on it like I did last night and only be three rows ahead of where I was when I started. I'm still on the first skien of yarn and it is supposed to take 3 so this isn't looking good for me being able to finish any time soon.
I have plans to weave a triloom shawl out of the sparkley yarn I made a while back, but I need to spin some more of that and I'm afraid that whatever I start right now will never be finished. I can't even finish a dishcloth! Nevermind the giant box of UFO's lurking in the yarn room.
Maybe I'm the victim of a voodoo curse? The Curse Of Unfinished Fiber Projects. How does one break that? Maybe if I wait for the full moon then pile everything up in the yard and circle it three times while hopping on one leg (to get the attention of the gods) then I make an offering of eucalan and vinegar in the "pouring some for my dead homies" style while I read selections from the latest issue of Spin Off or Interweave Knits? It might work.

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firecop101 said...

i must say that was funny. I hope you can use this as a forum to help you sell more yarn. stay motivated and good luck.