Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spinning & Weaving Week Wrap-Up

It was really really hard not to knit all week, but I made it. :) I also made a pretty good chunk of progress on my handspun/handwoven shawl. It isn't going as originally planned though. Let me explain:
Sparkle Shawl On The LoomWeaving Basket
After about 1/4 of the shawl weaving, this is all of the sparkle yarn (Lincoln/Mohair/Sparkleys plied with Merino) I had left in the weaving basket. EEEk! This will not do. Must spin more! So spin I did. One more skien of Sparkle Yarn was spun Friday night and plied on Saturday afternoon at Sweet Bay while hanging out with my friend Kristi on her break from Symphony rehearsals. Sadly, that was the end of the L/M/S, and I was still about 120 yards short of what I figure I'll need to complete the shawl.
New plan!
Sparkle Shawl Yarns
The yarn in the background is the final skien of Sparkle Yarn. In the foreground is the Merino plied with itself that I stayed up till 1AM last night to finish. There are about 140 yards of that here, and a little more left on the bobbins plus 6 more ounces waiting in the wings if needed. The plan now is to alternate the two yarns in 1/4 shawl chunks. I hope this works out. I'm still waiting for the Merino to dry so that I can weave some more. Meanwhile, I'm off to knit!

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