Friday, October 06, 2006

Wednesday & Thursday

Hi to everyone coming over here from the pic of my knitting spot on Crazy Aunt Purl's blog. Sadly, I'm not as fun to read as Laurie is. Mostly what I do over here is plan to finish projects that never get finished or that I lose interest in and stuff in the closet for months before finally finishing once you've forgotten I was even working on it. I'm flakey like that. Scroll down and check out the WIP vs Frogging list if you don't believe me. I have the attention span of a fly.
I also spin and dye and weave on a triloom. Trilooms are pretty nifty things because you can build one yourself with a little research and a love of pounding in finishing nails. It takes less yarn to weave a shawl on the triloom than it does to knit one, but from what I've seen you have to either like solid colors or be pretty fond of plaids and checks unless you want to weave a white shawl and dye it later.** You can also make two giant triangles and then sew them together to make a big square for a blanket or something. I haven't done that yet though.(see previous mention of the length of my attention span.)
This week I've been trying not to knit. It sounded like a good idea back on Monday. This is National Spinning and Weaving Week. I thought I'd focus on just spinning and weaving for this shawl I want to make. I really needed to get this thing going, and what better excuse? Well, pttttth! I've been sticking to my plan, but oh, it hurts! I neeeeeeeeed the knitting. I'm in total knitting withdrawl over here.
You can scroll down to see how Monday and Tuesday went. Wednesday I had a migraine so I couldn't do much of anything all day. I took medicine and slept a lot then watched Lost and Project Runway and went back to bed. Thursday is my Stitch N Bitch night. I hauled the wheel down there to the coffee place and spun the whole time. I made it through the final ounce of the purple/lavendar/navy stuff. I'm now ready to start on the three ounces of gray lincoln/mohair with blue and purple sparkles. Then I'll ply them together and get to the weaving.
While I was there at the coffee place spinning, people kept noticing what I was doing and looking in through the window of the study room at me. Not very many actually came in and talked, but one little girl in particular kept slipping away from her mom to come stand at the window and watch the wheel. I waved and she'd run off. haha Eventually the owner of the coffee place came in to take a look. I've had the wheel in there several times, and one night we had four or five wheels in there, but I guess he wasn't around then. He thought it was "very cool" and actually said thanks for bringing it in. So I guess we have the owner's premission to invade his place with spinning wheels Muahahaha!
**Actually, I'm pretty sure that if you'd already learned weaving ninja tricks on some other loom you could apply that knowledge to the triloom and come up with something other than plaid or checks, but I haven't seen any pictures online where anyone has actually done anything like that.

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