Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oklahoma City Stuff

Project 365 - Photo #26
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Last night I drove 3 hours and stayed in the world's cleanest hotel room. Seriously, you could bounce a quarter off those sheets and there wasn't even soap scum in the bathroom. Holiday Inn Express in Edmond, OK is great. They even had fresh fruit and coffee in the lobby at all hours.
I didn't come to OKC just for the fabulous hotels. No. I came for the rug hooking class I was in all day today. Hooking is tedious and you will stab your finger with the hook so many times you'll start to not feel it anymore. The things you can do with it are pretty freakin awesome though.
This is a sample the teacher brought to show us:
Project 365 - Photo #27
She also had some really great books and magazines showing rugs that looked like paintings they were so good.
If I ever finish the sampler thing I got at the class I'll show you a picture of it. I ordered a new hook from the teacher because my old hook I got in a kit a few months ago sucks much ass.
I'm pretty sleepy from all that driving and finger poke doing I did today so I'm going to bed now.

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