Saturday, January 06, 2007

What's A Knitting Blog Without A Cat Picture?

Bungee Retouched - Project 365 - Day 5
Originally uploaded by Elabeth.

This was yesterday's Project 365 photo. I totally forgot to take any pictures all day. It was 11:30PM! What to do? I poked him in the belly and took his picture. He threatened me with is vampire fangs. haha

There hasn't been a lot of knitting or anything going on over here this week. I was constantly running all week from one appointment to another. We had doctor and dentist visits, plus the truck was in the shop most of the week with a wonky transmission. (Thank goodness that was covered under the warranty at least.)
My Mom's poor dog, Buster stopped eating and spent two days at the vet. Then, he had a seizure he didn't wake up from just when they were about to send him home. The vet said he had more wrong with him than the heartworms. There was some kind of neurological disorder causing the seizures. He had gone into a coma after the seizure so Mom decided to go ahead and have him put to sleep. He was such a sweet little dog. We'll miss him a lot.
Just when things started to slow down yesterday I started feeling not so good. I guess there will be some crafting taking place tonight because no way am I leaving the house. I don't feel sick really, just kinda tired and icky and antisocial. I think I'll just watch tv and work on stuff.

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