Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I'm still a little coughed up, but I feel a lot better than I did this
time last week. YAY!
I'm still not knitting any more on the sock or the sweater right now
though. I have to finish a project for a swap I signed up to do like
three months ago. I'm halfway done with an extra thing I was going to
stick in the box and everything has to be mailed by the end of next
week so I don't have time to mess with anything else. I can't even
show you what it is until it's off in the mail because my swap person
might read the blog, so I'm going to be totally boring and knit-less.
Store things have hit a point where I can't really talk about it so
I'm just waiting around.

Garden Stuff:
Spring has kind of snuck up on us here. My yard is still a total mess
and I don't have the garden boxes ready to plant stuff in or anything.
Steve and Ian mowed up the old leaves and did a little work out there
last weekend, but I was too sick to go out and breathe dust so I
stayed in the house. It is supposed to rain off and on all this week,
so I'm using that time to plan stuff.
I think this year I'm not going to try to plant a lot of crazy stuff
like I did last year. (which was the 1st year for the square foot
garden) I'm going to plant more of the stuff that did good and leave
out the wacky white eggplant that never made fruit and the broccoli
that the bunnies kept eating etc. I'm even gonna leave out the
cucumbers even though they did really well. I don't like them all that
much, and I felt pressured to eat the damn things all summer. haha
So, Box #1 gets 4-6 heads of Lettuce, a bunch of Onions, and two
trellis things of Peas this weekend. The rest of the boxes will have
to wait a month or so to be safely past the last frost date for this
area. When it's time, box #2 gets 8 Okra plants, 4 peppers, and 4
tomatoes. Box #3 gets 6-8 Yellow Squash plants, and 8 square feet of
bush type Green Beans. Ian wants to put corn in box #4 again. Last
year raccoons or giant rats or something totally ripped it to shreds
before we even got one ear started so I guess we can try it again.
I've got plans for a more sturdy fence around each box. Hopefully
that'll work to keep out the beasties.
In the front yard potato pot we have potatoes already coming up. We
must remember to dump that thing out this year. I'm afraid of what
might be in there right now so we're just gonna let them grow. I'm
also going to plant some more Canna Lilly bulbs in the cursed flower
bed under the big window (nothing wants to grow there) and some
Gladiolus in the big pots. Maybe the squirrels won't run off with them
all this time.

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