Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Weekend & Stuff

Go here to see pictures from my weekend at the 1st Annual Arkansas
Ghost Hunters Conference ~
It was held in Eureka Springs, AR at the Crescent Hotel. If you watch
the show Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi channel, you might remember this
is where they caught the image of a man in the basement on their
thermal camera which couldn't be explained. I didn't get that lucky,
but I did get lots of pictures of weird orb things, and I got a good
bit of knitting done on the Rockin Sock Club pattern for this month.
I'll have pictures of that later tonight. People were fascinated with
the sock knitting on the teensy size 0 needles.
The freakiest things that happened to me directly at the hotel this
weekend were feeling like I was being tapped on the head during one of
the presentations in the conservatory, and the door chain swinging. We
were all in one of the rooms which they say has lots of ghost activity
going on all the time. My friend Elissa left the room to go back to
our room to get something, and the chain on the door kept swinging
steadily for several minutes after she closed the door. One of the
other girls in the room said "That needs to stop now!" and it
instantly stopped as if someone had grabbed the chain to stop it. We
all said "Thank You!" and that was that.
I wasn't feeling so hot on Friday when I left for Eureka, but I
thought it was just allergies or something. By Sunday when I came home
I was feeling downright sick and crappy. I ended up having a fever
Sunday night, going to the doctor Monday morning, and being told I had
the beginnings of a case of pneumonia. Staying up till 3 or 4 AM two
nights in a row and spending time in basements probably didn't help me
any. haha I got some antibiotics, decongestant, and the really good
cough syrup so I feel halfway Ok now. I'd be better if I could stop
this coughing.
Oh, and if you're my new Secret Pal 10 person, the questionaire is
either waaaay down at the bottom of this page or over in the archives.
I posted it not too long ago so you shouldn't have too far back to
hunt for it. :)

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