Monday, June 18, 2007


Steve gave up trying to fix the old computer after about 4 hours. haha
I went to Best Buy yesterday and got a new one from the clearance area. It's an Acer Aspire 4400 something or other, and so far so good. It has a nifty card reader thing so that I can more quickly dump my pictures into it. I plan to start back at project 365 today. I guess I could have been taking pictures all this past week or two without anywhere to dump them, but I didn't.
I'm really liking Ravelry. I think either tonight or tomorrow night I'll start to document the stash. That is going to take a while, because there is a lot of stash. I also want to take pictures of the yarn at the store that isn't already entered into the Ravelry database so that people can find it and know it's awesomeness. I might start that this afternoon if I finish tagging all the rest of the needles and hooks. My life is way exciting, huh?

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