Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blue Screen Of Death

My computer at home bit the dust last night. Sadly, it took the last couple of weeks worth of project 365 pics with it. ugh. I had downloaded them and then deleted them out of the camera to make room for more stuff. I intended to sort and upload them to flickr, but I've been all busy with other things and I put it off. Oh well. I will just start back up again once I get the computer situation sorted out. Steve thinks he may be able to recover some stuff this weekend, but I'm about ready to drag it out back and beat it to bits with a hammer.
In other news, The shop is pretty much all set up now. I got my fixtures for the needles today so that is what I've been doing in between breaks to mess with Ravelry and customers coming in. The customers so far have mostly been great. Once in a while there is an odd one who just came in to tell me they have no use for anything
I have here, which I find really weird, but other than that everything is swell. I'm pretty happy at the number of people who have expressed interest in spinning and in learning to spin. YAY!
Lately I've been knitting the sample things. I've got a One Skein Wonder on the needles in the Vickie Howell Craft yarn (organic cotton & milk fiber) and I'm about to bind off the big feather and fan Boku scarf (finally!) There will be pictures of both once this computer issue is straightened out.

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