Thursday, October 01, 2009

Two Cups And A Bowl

Two Cups And A Bowl
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I finally remembered to snap a picture of freshly thrown pottery stuff last night after class. 3 out of my 4 attempts survived, and the 1 bowl I did last week got trimmed without incident. Whoo!

The thing that failed was going to be a vase. It got tall enough in about 4 "throws" (pulling up type passes) but then I kept messing around with the shape and as usual I don't know when to quit so it fell over. I think if I could just learn to stop fucking with things that would be a big improvement, but that has been my problem with all the art I've ever done and is sort of a theme with my life so that is probably not happening any time soon.

I'm still really enjoying the class mostly because it is so not organized and class-like. I just go in, do my thing, and the teacher girl is there if I have any questions or need her to show me how to do something or other. I like that.

On the knitting side of things, I'm working on finishing some sweaters I've started over the last year or so that have never been completed because they got boring and finishing up the recently started sweaters and some hats I've promised to various people. The sweaters in no particular order are:
- Neck Down Pullover Tunic (Knitting Pure & Simple #9726) in Cascade Yarns Lana D'oro Tweed that I started last year.
- Zephyr Style 28Thirty in Noro Kureyon that I started this year after listening to Lime & Violet go on and on about the pattern.
- A boring raglan I started as a shop sample in Classic Elite Sprout. That thing is a snoozefest, but it'll be nice to have next spring.
- Kertzer's Weekend Jacket in Marble Chunky that I started when I got the yarn at the shop. All I have left are the sleeves. zzzzzz

I'm also sort of halfway working on a baby blanket because I'm gonna be a Grandma in November (surprise!) but it's still small and easy to flip around. We'll see if I keep that up once it gets bigger and more annoying to work on. You know how I am.

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