Tuesday, June 22, 2004

All hats from now until the end of time shall be knit in the round without the need for evil hat seams. So it has been proclaimed. ha! Ok out of that big project list I posted a while back I have finished the long-neglected dishcloth and the kid classic hat. I cast on for a feather and fan scarf out of a dark pink cashmerino, but it's just two rows big right now so it doesn't count. I still have the segue ribbon thing going which I can only do a little at a time because that stuff is slippery and the giant needles I have to use make my wrist hurt. I also still have the k1c2 meringue super plain looking shawl (Right now that's my favorite project) and of course the Dr. Who scarf which is currently 30 inches long. Today the Gypsy Shawl pattern and the rest of the yarn for the Keepsake shawl should be delivered. (That UPS guy had better put it way up on the porch and securely out of the rain or else.) I hope to start that sometime this weekend if the pattern isn't too hard to figure out. I sometimes have trouble with patterns confusing me and I just end up doing my own thing if there is nobody to ask for help. Oh well. Stitch N Bitch is tonight. I finished the flyer for it yesterday. I think it turned out pretty good, but I didn't have time to make buttons for people. Maybe next week I'll get to that. I have to rush home after work, change out of my big stompy work boots, and figure out what I'm gonna take with me to work on. I want to get there early. I hate having to go looking for people I don't know and have never met so if I get there early enough they can just go looking for me. haha

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