Monday, June 07, 2004

Must stop buying yarn. I have about fifteen skeins/hanks of assorted things needing to be wound into balls right now. I have a bid in on a funky looking old swift on ebay. If I don't win the auction I think I can make one out of a block of wood, a spinny hinge thing, and some old wire hangers. Seriously. I saw instructions somewhere on how you can use a kitchen mixer as a ball winder too but I'm not that desparate. lol
I have five projects cast on:
1) The Dr. Who Scarf
2) Another hat in the same style as the one I made for my niece only out of the Rowan Kid Classic and knit flat like the pattern calls for as opposed to round like I did that one. (Seriously thinking of ripping it out and starting over with circular needles though cause it was so darn easy.)
3) Mom's poor neglected second dishcloth
4) A scarf out of this awesome ribbon stuff I got in Fayetteville on Saturday. (Trendsetter Segue) I need to go buy some beads or something for frige. It won't look right with no fringe and the ribbon will fray at the ends too much for me to use it.
5) The Seed Stitch Noro scarf from Hip To Knit that I started on the plane last weekend for Ian's Dad probably for Xmas (shhh don't tell him) I'm forcing myself to finish at least one or two of these before I start up anything else.
Here are the things on my mental list of projects to start:
1) Hat for steve out of the blue Alpaca.
2) Seamless sweater knit without a pattern. ( I have the concept down, have yarn I want to use and everything I just need to swatch and measure and do the math)
3) Julia's Hat (I need to compare my pink yarn to her gloves and I'm good to go)
4) That rollover sweater from Hip To Knit
5) Hot Head Hats from SNB for my Nephews
6) That doubleknit skull scarf I did all the practice swatching for. (I need some more practice first)
7) The Chinese Charm purse from SNB (I have handles and a really awesome fabric for the lining already)
8) A Fall Poncho of as yet to be determined design...maybe kind of a loose stitch design out of the green and blue alpaca if I have enough of that left after steve's hat.
9) Another scarf out of the Trendsetter Segue only this time in Black (Just ordered the black off ebay last night for $6 cheaper - even after shipping charges - than I paid for the multi I got in Fayetteville)
10) Some scarves/hats/felted bags for people for xmas
11) An afghan out of all the leftover bits of stuff I'm sure I'll have. Wow that sounds like a lot when I list it out like that. I'd better get busy finishing the stuff I've started. LOL

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