Monday, June 14, 2004

YAY I finished my Mom's green and white stripe dishcloth thing. I'm not posting a picture because it's totally boring. Just picture a green and white stripe garter stitch diamond shape thing about a foot wide and eight inches tall. There you go. This weekend I've also worked on the Segue scarf and the kid classic hat and even a little bit on the noro seed stitch scarf. I need to finish at least two more things before I can start the shawl and my nephew's hat. Did I tell you people I measured his head? The child is 8 and his head is 22 inches! 22! oh damn. His sister is 10 and hers is only 20. I can't believe how big that boy's head is. He says he wants a blue hat. "Blue or uh...yeah blue" lol.

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