Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Pattern Drama

OK, so I ordered the Gypsy Shawl pattern from Handworks Gallery in Little Rock this weekend. They called me and said that oops they list crap on their website that they really don't have in stock, (bastards!)and that no they won't be getting any more in EVER. The lady was kinda snippy with me, but she did give me the number of a shop in North Carolina that she said might have the pattern. I called the shop and spoke to a nice lady with a cool British accent (which I wasn't expecting calling North Carolina haha) She told me that they too were out of stock, but that she expected to get more and that they DID have the Keepsake Shawl pattern that I wanted. She took down my order saying she'd ship them both when the Gypsy pattern came in. Later last night I found out that had 6 of the Gypsy pattern in stock, so I placed an order there for that plus six solid colors for Keepsake. So now I have two orders with purl. (I ordered some size 3 and 4 addi turbo circular needles from there over the weekend to knit Gypsy with) The first order will be here Friday, and I haven't gotten a shipped email about the second yet. I hope they don't come back saying that they are out of it too now since I called and left a message at that shop to cancel my Gypsy order and just ship the Keepsake ASAP. The shop doesn't open till 9AM so I have about an hour to change my mind I guess. My luck I'll cancel with her, then purl will send me a "so sorry, but you're screwed" email about ten minutes later. ugh! Maybe that's why more people aren't knitting these. Everyone I've spoken to who's out of the Gypsy and Keepsake patterns offers me Charlotte instead. I guess they all overstocked Charlotte and understocked everything else or something. phooey!

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