Friday, September 16, 2005

Secret Pals 5&6
Ok, so SP5 is over, but I got one more package from my super secret pal Aimee!

I lurve the lamb beanie baby. In fact, I'm getting quite the sheep/lamb toy collection around here. People keep getting them for me. They are starting to outnumber the gnomes.
This is how I figured out who my pal was before the reveal this time:

Aimee had recycled an envelope that someone had sent to her. I'm a nosey, curious sorta gal so I removed the tape holding my address down and tah dah! There was hers in sharpie marker bleed right underneath it.
I've already contacted my new spoilee, and been contacted by my SP for SP6 so we're off and running on that again. I love doing these. YAY surprises!

Oh, if you're way into Halloween all year long like I am or if you're the Secret Pal of someone who loves Halloween, check out these fab dishcloths and the mug I got at WalMart this morning:

They had plates to match the mugs, but I figured that might be overload. lol The cat DOES sort of look like our cat Bungee.

Knitting Content
I need to STOP STARTING NEW STUFF right this minute, but oh god...there is so much I want to knit. I started ANOTHER ruffles scarf this time in Silk Garden 211 I had left over from some xmas scarves last year. At first I thought it was going to be a xmas gift but now I'm selfishly gonna keep it. ha!
I'm going to make the hat shown as the "swatch" for the Corrugated Asymetrical V-Neck from Loop-D-Loop with the fab red Crystal Palace bulky yarn that Aimee sent me. That might end up as a xmas gift unless I get all greedy and decide to keep it.
I also started a v-neck raglan sweater. shhhhh....that's for me too. lol
I need to update my FO gallery with the Branching Out scarf and the fringed Celebrity Shawl, but I still haven't gotten good pictures. That will be a top priority once we get finished with all this furniture moving.
I'm not even gonna talk about the socks.

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