Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pictures Of My Feeble Progress

Kool Aid Singles
Those are the Kool-Aid dyed singles I spun the other day. I had a bunch of dyed wool left over from that, so on Thursday I took it with me to Stitch N Bitch. Mary brought her drum carder down there for me to play with. She has a regular sized Louet. I just ordered a Strauch Petite, and now I so can't wait for it to get here. Ok, here are the carding experiment results from Thursday:
Drum Carder Fun #1Drum Carder Fun #2
The first batt was made with strips of different color kool-aid dyed roving. There on top of it is the quickly spun yarn sample of the same batt. Some of the colors are blended, but some are still bright. The second batt was made just like the first one, but blended more and fed through again randomly. There on top of it is the quickly spun yarn sample of that one.
Next, I have some more crockpot dye stuff to show you:
Crockpot Dyed Roving #2 - FrontCrockpot Dyed Roving #2 - Back
Front and back as it was drying in the bathroom. This one is the rest of the pink/red, some black, and some yellow/orange. I also did a strip of just different values of red that will probably end up being plied with this.

Right now I'm just working on knitting that dishcloth, the shawl, and socks and finishing the crappy acrylic yarn project that has been on the triloom since I first got it due to me running out of the yarn. I found more, and I've been working on it a little bit since I made enough space to just leave it set up in the yarn room. There are 20 more wraps to go and that sucker will be done.
Triloom In The Yarn Room
Once it's finished and off of there I can start the nice sparkley shawl that I have about half the yarn spun for already. That is, unless I get the new carder and become obsessed with carding stuff, which is a good bet.

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