Saturday, December 30, 2006

Xmas Money Well Spent

Look, I made another Calorimetry!
calorimetry version 2 Side
calorimetry version 2 Back
This time I used some Bernat Camo yarn and smaller needles. It's still fatter than the one in the pictures on Knitty, but I like more coverage. If you make one you should just stop with the short rows and go back the other way when it's about half as wide as you want it to be. (I look's hard to take a picture of the side of your own head. haha)

This is what I spent the bulk of my Xmas money on:
Namaste Jetsetter Bag closed
It's a Namaste Jetsetter bag. I bought it from Scout.
I loooove this bag! It holds a ton of stuff and it looks nice too.
This is the inside:
Namaste Jetsetter Bag open
That's a half-knit sweater with a full ball of Paton's Classic Wool attached, the Calorimetry in progress with the Bernat Camo attached on 14" needles, and a sock in progress stuffed in there along with my wallet, phone, and some notions. The Elph camera fits in there too.
With the rest of my money I bought this gift for the kitties:
Kitty Tent
It's a kitty tent! They totally love it. Check out the inside:
Inside The Kitty Tent
One of them tries to lounge around inside and the other sneaks up to pounce through a hole when the lounge cat least expects it. Hours of fun for everyone, I tell ya.

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