Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I just got a call from the guy who has been working on the loose
plaster wall at the shop and he says they are finishing up today, then
once everything up there dries I can paint. Whoo!
We can start cleaning tomorrow if we want as long as we don't touch
that wall till it's dry. I'm going to go over there and crank up the
heat tonight so maybe it'll dry faster. We've had a cold snap here,
and I think leaving the heat off down there to save on the electric
bill has cost us some drying time. I hadn't even thought of that, but
then the guy didn't complain about it either.
I guess in the next week or so I need to pick out my light fixtures,
schedule an electrician to install that stuff, schedule the cable guy
to install the internet and phone so I can start working down there,
get some paint mixed to match the color already on the walls, schedule
a plumber to come cap off the former shampoo sink pipes sticking out
of the wall, buy some cleaning supplies, a trash can, a tall ladder
(hello super high ceiling), and a vacuum for the store, make an
"opening soon" poster for the front window, and do a BUNCH of
At least I'm not stuck in waiting-for-the-plaster-guy-purgatory anymore :)

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