Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Good News & Bad News

The only knitting I'm doing right now is all swatches and sample scarf
thingies for the store, and I haven't even been able to work on that
the last few days. It's true what they tell you that if you're going
to open a yarn store you won't have time to knit, at least at first
anyway. So I'm giving you the good news and the bad news of the last
few days -

Good News: I sold my extra house! We close at the end of the month or
sooner, and the girl who is buying it to fix up for a rental property
has cash.
Bad News: The shed over there is full of junky junk. I have to clean
it out and haul most of it to the dump before closing. eek! When will
there be time to do THAT??

Good News: Work has started on the store space. There are workmen
there today knocking off loose plaster and sealing down the gaps so
that we can paint the plastered parts of the walls. I also found a
decent looking metal shelving unit and a wire magazine rack stuffed in
the dumbwaiter/freight elevator thing.
Bad News: Plaster makes a ton of dust which will need to be cleaned
off of EVERYTHING, and last night while we were over there taking
measurements for light fixtures and shelves Ian found a stash of human
hair clippings in the wall. (gross gross gross) He also found where
someone has drawn boobies on the wall with a pencil. Leave it to the
14 year old boy to find the boobie graffiti anywhere.

Good News: I'm losing weight because I'm so busy I forget to eat.
Bad News: I can't find my smaller pants so everyone gets to see my
"plumber's butt" when I bend over. haha

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