Sunday, April 08, 2007

May The Gods Of Technology Smile Upon Me

Project 365 - Photo #97
Yesterday I bought all of that stuff for the store. See that airpot? That's for the two liters of coffee which will be powering me daily for the next couple of months.
I have about a month and a half to learn Quickbooks, Quickbooks POS, and get the laptop to be friends with the scanner, the receipt printer, and the regular printer/scanner/fax. I have to do all that while also ordering and setting up shelves/yarn/fiber/needles/notions/bags/etc. and making sure I have all the legal permits and numbers and things to file here and there taken care of. Did I mention the yard sale I need to toss in there somewhere?
With all that to do, what am I doing today? Sitting here at a little after 3PM still in my bathrobe thinking about cleaning my closet, going to the grocery store, and cooking chicken tonight. Yeah, my brain works like that.

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