Monday, November 21, 2005

Look, Something Is Done

& I actually took a picture of it!
There is still that finished shawl lurking around here waiting for it's photo op, but I haven't been able to get decent light for it yet because it has been super cloudy here lately and the thing is black. I'm trying, honest.
So, instead of that you get to see the super Kittyville Hat I made for my friend Ms. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang for her birthday, which of course I'm gonna be like a week late with.

Same as the other one I made this year only with pink inside of the ears and pink in the pom-poms. Wheee!

PS: You may have noticed that this, too is black. Well, it fits under the light on my stove. That shawl is 6ft long and totally won't fit under the stove light. So there.

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