Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The camera software is no longer lost :)
You'll never guess where I found it. The disk was in a drawer stuffed into the same envelope as my printer driver disk. When I finally gave up looking for it and decided to install my printer, there it was. duh.
OK, so on with the pictures!
This is pre-blocking so it looks a little wonky. I gave up trying to get good lighting so it's just thrown down on my kitchen floor under the sad fluorescent tubes:

The Glampyre City Shawl
I made this with some random chenille yarn I bought from ebay a looooong time ago. The only modifications made were that I used the different yarn and size 13 needles instead of the 15's the pattern calls for. I have enough of the pattern-selected yarn to make another, bigger one with 15's. I think I'll do that eventually.

Socks That Rock Yarn!!

It's sooooo purty...I wish I could dye yarn like this. The colors are just right without getting muddy and this yarn is super dooper soft too.

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